This article considers the role of the banking sector in the UK’s response to coronavirus. It describes key policy announcements in relation to the banks, many of which are intended to support the wider economy. It also reports some ways in which the banks themselves have responded, including on overdrafts and branch opening hours. Finally, it summarises some criticisms of the sector’s activities in relation to the pandemic.

In 2009–10, the UK faced an outbreak of H1N1 swine flu. This article summarises the measures introduced by the then Labour Government which were intended to mitigate the potential impact of swine flu, including the establishment of a public awareness campaign and attempts to increase intensive-care capacity in hospitals. It also looks at the role of the House of Lords in scrutinising the then Government’s handling of the outbreak.

This article summarises the scrutiny of the Coronavirus Act 2020 in the House of Lords. The Act was emergency legislation passed by Parliament in response to the coronavirus outbreak. The Act provided the Government with a range of powers to tackle the disease, including: the closure of schools and nurseries; powers to detain those suspected of having the virus; and restrictions on public gatherings.