Global organisations, such as the WHO, have expressed concern about the levels of fake news and disinformation that have spread during the coronavirus pandemic. This article looks at some examples of this disinformation, the Government’s response to it and the action that social media companies have taken to combat fake news and disinformation.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government closed schools for the majority of pupils for several months. Concerns have been raised that during this time the educational attainment gap would increase. This article discusses the issue and what the Government has done in response.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) has had major implications for the UK economy. There have been debates about a number of possible changes to economic policy when the UK enters the recovery phase. These include: possible major reforms to fiscal policy; whether the Government should facilitate the reallocation of jobs and capital away from the hardest hit sectors of the economy; what measures could be taken if the virus exacerbates inequalities in the UK; and whether the recovery is an opportunity to bring about fundamental changes in the economy and society.