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Science and technology

  • All Party Parliamentary Group on Dementia report

    The Conservative Party manifesto for the 2019 general election pledged that finding a cure for dementia would be one of the Government’s biggest priorities. To this end, the manifesto committed to doubling dementia research funding and speeding up trials for new treatments. In a report published in September 2021, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Dementia made a central recommendation that the Government should implement its funding pledge as soon as possible.

    All Party Parliamentary Group on Dementia report
  • Age Assurance (Minimum Standards) Bill [HL]

    Age assurance tools can be used to ensure web content and online platforms are suitable for younger people. The Age Assurance (Minimum Standards) Bill [HL] would require Ofcom to publish a statutory code for digital age assurance systems, requiring the systems to meet minimum standards.

    Age Assurance (Minimum Standards) Bill [HL]
  • Forensic science services and the criminal justice system

    Forensic science services are a key part of the criminal justice system in England and Wales. The provision of such services has been the subject of scrutiny in recent years. This article considers recent developments in the area, including the Forensic Capability Network and the latest appointment of the Forensic Science Regulator. It also considers the House of Lords debate on forensic science services in the criminal justice system that took place in April 2021.

    Forensic science services and the criminal justice system
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