The Draft Northern Ireland Act 1998 (Section 75—Designation of Public Authority) Order 2020 relates to Brexit. It would designate the newly created Independent Monitoring Authority for the Citizens’ Rights Agreements as a “public authority” for the purposes of the Northern Ireland Act 1998, and therefore subject to certain statutory equality duties. The House of Lords is due to debate the order on 8 July 2020.

The bill would provide the Government with new delegated powers to update or amend the UK’s regulatory framework for medical devices and for human and veterinary medicines. Much of the current UK regulatory framework is based on EU regulations and directives. It would also allow a new information system to be introduced covering data on medical devices and would consolidate and expand enforcement provisions.

Xylella fastidiosa is a bacteria that can cause severe disease and death in certain plants. This article explains what the disease is and discusses recent restrictions on plant imports that the UK Government has imposed to reduce the risk of it being introduced to the UK. Xylella is due to be the subject of an oral question in the House of Lords on 8 July 2020.