How to search our research

The Lords Library’s website is a keyword search.

Results are ordered by relevance but after searching you can order the results by date.

The search uses the ‘AND’ operator by default. For example, if you search: cats dogs. Search will return all results containing both cats and dogs.

The ‘NOT’ operator is supported. For example, if you search: cats NOT dogs. Search will return results containing only cats.

The ‘OR’ operator is not supported.

The use of quotation marks to search exact phrases is now supported. For example: searching “House of Lords” will return posts containing the exact phrase House of Lords.

Filtering your search

You can search within a date range.

You can narrow your search to publication types:

  • Research briefings: longer, PDF-based analysis on legislation before the House of Lords, debates and topical affairs.
  • In Focus articles: shorter, web-based articles analysing topical issues, current affairs, and business before the House.
  • Current Affairs Digest: a monthly round-up of specialised press, blog and journal articles on a variety of subjects.

Searching other Parliamentary research: Commons Library and POST

You can also search the Lords Library, Commons Library and POST from our site in one go.

If you have run a search on just our site and then click the “search all research services” tab, please click “search” again to re-run your search.

Filtering by date is possible when searching all research services, but you are not able to narrow your search by publication type.

Other ways to find our work

You can browse our research via our research by topic page.

You can also see a list of all our topics in our full topics list.