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This Briefing provides background information on the changing context for the Good Friday Agreement represented by Brexit; summarises aspects of the withdrawal negotiations particularly relating to Northern Ireland; and provides a summary of the political context in which the negotiations are currently taking place within the UK. It then provides a brief overview of recent developments relating to the three main strands of the Agreement in the context of Brexit, before concluding with a selection of suggested reading for additional information on this sensitive and complex subject.

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    The UK’s constitution comprises a host of diverse laws, practices and conventions that have evolved over time. Responsibility for the UK’s constitution lies with the Cabinet Office. In 2021, the Dunlop review recommended the creation of a secretary of state for intergovernmental and constitutional affairs; to date the government has not implemented this recommendation.

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    Since Brexit, UK musicians and creative professionals no longer have free movement rights to travel and work across the EU. The EU and the UK have both said that they put forward proposals to prevent this outcome, but they could not come to an agreement. Several commentators have argued that the restrictions are having a negative impact. The government has said that it is committed to supporting UK creative industries and is “clarifying arrangements” with the EU and working with member states to make touring easier.

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