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On 29 March 2018, the House of Lords is due to debate a motion moved by Lord Roberts of Llandudno [Liberal Democrat] “to move that this House takes note of the humanitarian crisis in Syria”.

The Syrian civil war, which began in 2011, has now entered its eighth year. The war has caused vast physical devastation across the country and the humanitarian impact of the conflict has been far-reaching. Millions of people have been displaced from their homes and continue to require humanitarian assistance, both in Syria and throughout the region. The UK and other members of the international community have supported ongoing aid programmes. However, despite efforts toward a negotiated political settlement and a 2018 UN Security Council resolution calling for a cessation of hostilities to allow humanitarian access to those in need, the conflict has recently intensified in several regions.

This House of Lords Library Briefing provides background information on the conflict in Syria; gives an overview of the humanitarian situation in the country and wider region; provides information on the international response; and briefly examines proposals to resolve the conflict. It also provides a list of recommended sources for further information on this complex subject.

Documents to download

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