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This House of Lords Library briefing provides details of appointments to the House of Lords since May 1997. It contains tables showing the numbers appointed under the Prime Ministers Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron, broken down by party affiliation at the time of appointment. It also includes a chronological list of all those appointed during this period. In addition to the two hereditary Peers and 13 Law Lords created under the Appellate Jurisdiction Act 1876, 652 life Peers were appointed to the House of Lords since May 1997. The following graph shows the political composition of these appointments (with affiliation recorded at the time of appointment) for that period:

Of the 652 life Peers appointed, 374 were appointed by Tony Blair, 34 by Gordon Brown and 244 were appointed by David Cameron. In addition: 

  • 28 percent of the appointments were women;
  • 27 percent were former MPs; and
  • The average age of the appointments was 58.

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