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This Library Note provides a short overview of the role and functions of some of the key office holders in the House of Lords: the Lord Speaker, Deputy Speakers and Deputy Chairmen, Chairman and Principal Deputy Chairman of Committees, Leader and Deputy Leader of the House of Lords, Leader of the Opposition, Convenor of the Crossbench Peers, Chief Whip, Opposition Chief Whip, Lord Great Chamberlain and Earl Marshal. It also details the proposals made over recent years for reforms to some of these roles.

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    Several Lords committees have expressed concern about the increasing use of skeleton bills. These set out the principles for a policy but leave the detail to be filled in later by ministers through delegated powers. Because these powers are subject to less rigorous scrutiny than bills, there have been calls for the use of skeleton bills to be restricted alongside a broader reset in the balance of power between Parliament and government.

    Skeleton bills and delegated powers