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The Wales Bill would provide for a range of measures in three key areas. The first is elections to the National Assembly for Wales, where the Bill would alter the length of the electoral term and rules on candidacy. Secondly, the Bill would make provision with regard to a number of financial matters, including the devolution of some tax-raising powers to the Welsh Assembly. These would include stamp duty land tax and landfill tax, and some income tax powers—provided that this is approved through a referendum in Wales. The Bill would give the National Assembly for Wales greater borrowing powers, including over capital expenditure. Thirdly, the Bill would make provision with regard to housing revenue account debt in Wales, and to adjust the relationship between Welsh Ministers and the Law Commission. The Bill would also make some technical amendments to the Government of Wales Act 2006 and other relevant legislation.

The Wales Bill is a carry-over bill from the 2013–14 parliamentary session. It completed report and third reading in the House of Commons on 24 June 2014, and is due to have its second reading in the House of Lords on 22 July 2014.

Documents to download

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