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  • “Law but not law”

    Legislation is complete when it has finished its parliamentary journey and received royal assent. At this point it is said to be ‘on the statute book’. Before it can become active law, it must be brought into force. This is known as ‘commencement’. But what happens if provisions are not commenced?

    “Law but not law”
  • Reform of the railways: Recent developments

    In 2021, the government announced plans to reform the railways in Great Britain, with many of the proposed changes set out in the ‘Williams-Shapps plan for rail’. In the 2022 Queen’s Speech, the government said that it would legislate for them. However, in October 2022 the government announced that it would delay this primary legislation until the next parliamentary session due to a lack of time but said that non-legislative reforms would go ahead.

    Reform of the railways: Recent developments